Watch Us Play Overwatch’s New Hero, Brigitte

After weeks of cryptic teases, Blizzard has finally unveiled the newest character for Overwatch, and as many have speculated, it’s Brigitte. Torbjörn’s daughter marks the 27th character to join the roster, and she comes with a few unique tricks to help set her apart from the other support heroes in the game.

Blizzard describes Brigitte as “an engineer with peerless armor-constructing abilities,” and those characteristics shine through in her abilities on the battlefield. Her primary weapon is the Rocket Flail, which has an extended range and can smash multiple opponents at once. In addition to that, she brandishes a Barrier Shield, which can protect any teammates directly behind her. She can also toss Repair Packs to heal teammates, while her passive ability, Inspire, heals nearby allies over time when she lands blows on enemies.

These skills combine to make Brigitte a rather unique addition to the Overwatch roster, acting like a mixture of Reinhardt and her father. While she isn’t available in the live game just yet, PC players do have a chance to try her out right now on the Public Test Realm. If you’re waiting for her to launch on PS4 or Xbox One but are still curious to see Brigitte in action, we took her for a spin today on the latest episode of GameSpot Live–though as is always the case, her final attributes could change by the time she makes it to the live game. You can watch a replay of our stream above.

If you’re interested in learning more about the newest Overwatch hero, you can watch Brigitte’s origin story trailer here. You can also learn more about her in the latest Overwatch developer update and read about Brigitte’s backstory and special abilities here.

THE SELF-INSTALLED SMART HOME REPORT: Why current smart home device owners are appealing to tech companies

BI Intelligence

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Not that long ago, many home-appliance and consumer-electronics makers were gearing up for what they thought would soon be a rapidly growing market for smart home devices.

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Capcom’s cult classic Killer7 is making a return, courtesy of Suda51’s Let It Die

Grasshopper Manufacture has announced that it’s reviving Capcom’s cult classic Killer7, via a new “collab” event in the free-to-play PS4 hack-and-slasher Let It Die.

The crossover, which is due to launch some time this spring, is happening in honour of Grasshopper Manufacture’s 20th anniversary. The Let It Die studio is, of course, headed by idiosyncratic designer Suda51, who served as director on the GameCube and PS2 game Killer7. Which, as a reminder, looked something like this in classic 2005 fuzzy-o-vision:

There’s no word yet on what, exactly, this new collaboration event might entail, but previous Let It Die crossovers – such as those with World of Tanks and Gravity Rush 2 – have introduced the likes of themed decals and outfits.

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Blizzard gives Overwatch a new hero: Brigitte

Overwatch is getting another new character as the game continues to grow nearly two full years after its March 2016 debut. Brigitte, an engineer who decided to fight as a squire, is a new support character who provides both healing and armor to teammates.

Brigitte is available for trial now on the Overwatch public test server (PTR), but she will roll out to anyone who owns Overwatch on PC and consoles in the next couple of weeks. This is the latest example of how Blizzard Entertainment is attempting to keep fans engaged and coming back to Overwatch with new content at no additional charge. The company is able to do this because of its games-as-a-service model where it sells cosmetic items through loot boxes that players can purchase for real money. That business model is so lucrative that Blizzard can commit to releasing new maps and characters into Overwatch without ever charging for them.

Here’s how Blizzard describes Brigitte on the character’s page:

“Brigitte specializes in armor. She can throw Repair Packs to heal teammates, or automatically heal nearby allies when she damages foes with her Flail. Her Flail is capable of a wide swing to strike multiple targets, or a Whip Shot that stuns an enemy at range. When entering the fray, Barrier Shield provides personal defense while she attacks enemies with Shield Bash. Brigitte’s ultimate ability, Rally, gives her a substantial short-term boost of speed and provides long-lasting armor to all her nearby allies.”

Brigitte is the sixth new character to join the Overwatch roster since its launch. It is also the third support character to come as a downloadable update. Previously, Blizzard gave players the damage-dealing healer Moira, the buff-dealing sniper Ana, the melee specialist Doomfist, the hacking attacker Sombra, and the protective tank Orisa.

Free PS Plus Games For PS3 And PS Vita Will End Next Year

A PlayStation Plus subscription provides more than just online gaming capabilities. Subscribers also get a couple of games for free every month. Sony provides free games to subscribers who own a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita but things are going to change next year. Sony has confirmed that the free PlayStation Plus games lineup will not include titles for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita starting next year. Subscribers will only receive PS4 games for free.

Starting March 8th, 2019 the PlayStation plus monthly games lineup will only include PlayStation 4 titles. No PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles will be offered. Sony confirms that this won’t affect any games that subscribers have already downloaded on those consoles or any that they will download prior to March 8th, 2019.

Those games will remain available to subscribers as long as they remain a PlayStation Plus member. All game saves and other benefits of PS Plus will be retained as well. Sony says that it’s doing this because many of its gamers are now on the PlayStation 4 platform.

To be clear, a PlayStation Plus subscription will still be offered for PS3 and PS Vita gamers. They will continue to receive benefits like online multiplayer, online game save storage, and exclusive PS Store discounts for content and network services.

However, those who do not wish to continue their service beyond March 8th, 2019 are advised to cancel their PlayStation Plus subscription by turning off auto-renewal in their account settings before the aforementioned date.

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Samsung Galaxy S9: Our first photos with the new camera

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 was announced with one primary goal: amp up the camera. Armed with an F1.5/F2.4 lens – the first variable phone aperture we’ve seen in modern times – Samsung aims to reclaim the camera throne from the likes of Google and Apple. I’ve had the device for a little over two days and have spent most of my time with it playing with the camera. It’s a clear improvement over the S8, as expected, but it’s a bit too early to make any claims over superiority over the rest of the market. Still, we thought you might appreciate…

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Bitcoin price to go 2x by midyear says Wall Street’s Tom Lee

Historical trends and a selection of top-level company announcements of late will bolster Bitcoin prices by mid-year. That’s what Fundstrat’s Tom Lee expects, anyway. Lee’s expectation for the price of USDT per Bitcoin was right up around $20,000. Lee also suggested that the climb will cool off by the end of the year, where he projected the price of Bitcoin … Continue reading