Under Armour MyFitnessPal hack: 5 things to know

It’s the data security news you never want to hear: 150 million MyFitnessPal user accounts have been hacked, Under Armour says, a huge breach of the health-tracking service. Earlier this year, somebody broke into the company’s systems and yanked out usernames, email addresses, and more. Here are the answers to the five big questions you probably have, and what you … Continue reading

People are thrilled to see Bill and Ted back together


Is the long-awaited third installment of Bill and Ted finally happening? If this Entertainment Weekly story is to be believed, maybe. But fans have been waiting so long for Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to get the Wyld Stallyns back together that even seeing them in the same photo is an untold joy. 

This is particularly true on Twitter, where the other hot images of the week are of the “Trump says goodbye to Hope Hicks” genre. Under these dire circumstances, Bill and Ted hanging out (in a phone booth!) seems like a miracle.

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Dying Light Takes A Cue From PUBG And Fortnite, Adds In New Battle Royale Mode

In the three years since its release, Techland has continually been churning out content for Dying Light. In addition to a number of quality-of-life updates and tweaks to the gameplay, the open-world zombie survival game has also seen a number of new modes–including The Following DLC campaign and additional multiplayer options. And now, the developers are riding the wave of interest for battle royale with their own take on the familiar every-man-for-themselves game type. While at GDC 2018, we got to go hands-on with the upcoming DLC Bad Blood–launching later this year–which pits several players in a race against time–and the zombie hordes–to acquire enough resources and make it out of Harran alive.

In Bad Blood, six players are dropped into random locations around the map in a race to acquire enough samples from several elite infected. From the starting point, you’ll have to find weapons and support items as you go. Every player starts on an even playing field as they maneuver through the streets and rooftops of the ruined city. As you take down these special zombies, you’ll be able to collect samples and potentially level up your character–boosting their health, agility, and attack power. Of course, other players have similar goals, and they may find that attacking you while you’re being swarmed by infected is the smart thing to do. As in traditional battle royale fashion, you only have one life to live, so you’ll have to make the right choices and play smart.

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While this mode may initially come off a bit gimmicky, the actual experience is surprisingly tense. Bad Blood is a constant race for resources, with the virus samples being the most valuable. In a some cases, encountering another player felt like the last thing you wanted to happen, resulting in a mad dash to evade them. The end-game portion which focuses on booking it to the helicopter is a where things get really hectic. The player with the most samples will have to reach the evac site and wait for the chopper to land, which paints a large target on their back. Only the player with the required amount of samples can make it out alive, and some players may forge quick alliances to try and take down the lead player–only for it to quickly fall apart as they scramble to scavenge the samples to make it out alive.

Battle royale has been one of the most talked about topics for the last year, with many people wondering what games would benefit from such a mode. In the case of Dying Light, it makes some rather clever choices with how it incorporated BR into its current strengths of survival and action gameplay. With Dying Light still going strong, and with the developers experimenting with adding even more players into the battle royale mix, Bad Blood looks to be a refreshing change of pace for players looking to dive back the game, which has only gotten better with age.

4 reasons I won’t be paying for my kid’s college education

collegeChina Photos/Getty Images

  • College costs are steep and rising, and there are several compelling arguments for declining to foot the bill for your child’s education.
  • It can help your child to understand the value of money and build a healthy relationship with it early on. 
  • There are ways to encourage a college education without paying for tuition, such as supporting your child’s high-school education and researching scholarships. 

Let’s get one thing straight: I am 100% pro-college.

If a college education helps you get to where you want to be professionally and if you can afford it, then you go ahead and earn that college degree! I spent six years in college and graduate school and benefitted hugely from both experiences. So I’d love to see my son succeed in higher education.

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Razer Phone update: Android 8.1 Oreo in the mix

Razer Phone users can download the Developer Preview for Android 8.1 Oreo right this minute, with a final release coming in April. This release was announced by Razer this morning complete with links to downloads and the tip on the full release. With this announcement we grow ever-so-slightly more confident in Razer’s dedication to their first smartphone with regard to … Continue reading

‘Where’s Waldo?’ is hiding in Google Maps for April Fool’s Day


Where’s Waldo, you ask? Somewhere inside Google Maps, apparently.

English artist Martin Handford’s creation is living in Google Maps for the next week, as part of Google’s annual April Fool’s Day celebration. You can check it out now in your browser or on Android/iOS devices.

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All you have to do to play is open Google Maps and tap or click on the little Waldo graphic that appears on the edge of your screen. You’ll then be taken to another section of the map and prompted to start the game.

Clicking the button opens up one of Handford’s classic illustrations, containing not only Waldo but also his friends: Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard, and Odlaw, the evil mirrorverse Waldo. Once you spot and tap/click Waldo, you’re able to move along to the next “level” or keep looking for his pals. Read more…

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