Check out these brilliantly weird Japanese inventions we found

I’ve always had a fascination with inventors. So, when I found out about the Tokyo branch of the Maker Faire – a festival where people show off their homemade inventions – I was very much into it. And I wasn’t disappointed. After some wonderful time trawling through the wild, weird, and wonderful inventions on show, we’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest and most left-field inventions Japan has to offer. You’re going to enjoy this. SOMEONE MADE A DEVICE OUT OF LEGO THAT CREATES PAPER AIRPLANES AND THEN LAUNCHES THEM INTO THE DISTANCE こりゃスゴイ!。 「レゴ紙飛行機自動折り機」一枚の紙を入れると、それが紙飛行機になって飛んでいく。#MFTokyo2018 — 信 (@nob105) August…

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